2024 Eclipse

2024 Eclipse Information

  • Located in rural Arkansas, on the  center of the eclipse path, Arrowhead is perfectly positioned to be your base camp for the 2024 eclipse on April 8th, 2024. All along country HWYs 8 and 240w will be views of the eclipse with one of the lowest light pollution areas you will find. The rest of the time you can hang out grilling or fishing on the gravel bar.
  • Cabins, RV with hookups and RV boondocks, tenting, and day-use will be available. There is limited space. Please book or ensure availability before coming. 
  • All cabins during the event must be booked through the office and require a 3-day rental.  870-356-2944.
  • Reservations are non-refundable, rain, shine, flat tire (We hope not!), health (We hope not!), alien abductions (well, it is an eclipse).
  • No Dogs: Usually we are super dog-friendly. For this event, we are asking people to leave their pets at home.
  • We do have special event pricing for the days surrounding this event. 
  • We are all figuring out how to handle this influx of people to the area safely and responsibly. Please be prepared to work with us regarding safety and registration policies, as we work with government and emergency services officials.​


Experience the Darkest Day!!!

Caddo Gap, AR


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