River Conditions


​​Limited floating: Saturdays 10/10 and 10/17 will be our last floating days of the season. Please call ahead for reservations.


​​​Cabins, canoes, kayaks & tubes

River Height - Graphic

River Speed (cf/s) - Graphic

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The information below serves as a guide. Upstream weather, the amount of previous rainfall, and other situations help us decide when and where to float.

Tubes Floats

Max Height: 6 ft     Max Speed: 350 cf/s

Kayak & Canoe Routes – Caddo Gap to Glenwood
Typical Range: 5.3 - 5.4 ft. 4-6 hours
There are some rocks to navigate around. This is ideal for inexperienced boaters and families. Anything in this range is still floatable, but pack light! 

*Under 5.3, we do the 3 mile, Glenwood to River Run route. See below.

Optimum:5.5 - 6.1ft. 3-5 hours
Best Range for Caddo Gap. Great paddling, few rocks, more boat control up to 650 cf/s. 

 High: 6.2 -7.0 ft 2-3 hours
When the discharge climbs above 650 cf/s, we caution against taking children in canoes or kayaks. Experience and skill in swift water paddling becomes more essential. The sit-on-top kayaks become a safer and better choice than canoes in this range.

Advanced: 7.1+ ft. Advanced Skills Needed
Restricted rentals, if at all. At flows above 1,200 cf/s, it is a fast paced float for those with advanced or expertwhitewater skills only due to tricky currents, strainers, and other potential hazards that demand instant decision making and quick reflexes. Rapids are washed out above 7.50. No one under 18! Owners reserve the right to allow or disallow guests at this level and speed.

Flood:7.3 ft. –NO RENTALS!
The river is getting into flood plain and running through dense strainers. Cross currents become very powerful. We do not rent at this level.

Lower River:  Below 5.3 ft

To offer the lazy, beautiful lower river float for canoes and kayaks, we take out at private property. There is an additional $5/boat take out cost. 

Rules of the River: https://www.agfc.com/en/fishing/boating-information/paddle-sports/

We provide you with mesh trash bags and life vests. We have life vests for all sizes.